Frequently Asked Questions

How did MyRxGuidance get my prescription information?

Your health insurance plan uses MyRxGuidance to monitor all prescription drug claims to find opportunities for individuals to save money and your plan regularly provides prescription information to MyRxGuidance, a product provided by RxResults. Under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, RxResults is a “business associate” of your plan sponsor.

How did MyRxGuidance determine there was an alternative for me?

Most drugs on the market have been studied and compared to other similar drugs by pharmacists, physicians, and other researchers. Such studies are published after having been reviewed by clinical peers. Studies that are unbiased (i.e., not paid for by a drug’s manufacturer) and are peer-reviewed (i.e., reviewed by other clinicians and researchers for appropriate study design, etc.) are collected, reviewed and evaluated by a team of pharmacists, physicians and other industry experts for the purpose of identifying appropriate lower-cost drug alternatives (therapeutically similar) to high-cost drugs. MyRxGuidance/RxResults has partnered with the Evidence-Based Prescription Drug Center at the highly respected and accredited College of Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to perform these drug comparisons and evaluations.

Why are there more than one alternative medications listed for me?

In some drug classes, there are several drugs that provide the same or similar drug therapy for individuals. Also, some drugs in the same drug class may have minor differences in side effects for some individuals, but not others. MyRxGuidance usually presents all appropriate alternative drugs that typically have a lower cost than one or more other drugs. Your physician can help determine the most appropriate option for you.

Where does MyRxGuidance get the pricing information for current and alternative medications?

MyRxGuidance uses pricing from our vast collection of prescription data. Pricing displayed is based on averages since a single drug and quantity of the drug may be a different price at different pharmacies. Furthermore, if your health insurance plan is sponsoring MyRxGuidance for you, we may also use your actual prescription cost information. In rare situations, we may also use national pricing benchmark data to obtain estimated pricing. Please note that MyRxGuidance does not guarantee any displayed price.

Do I have to switch medications?

You DO NOT have to switch medications. MyRxGuidance’s mission is to educate you about options that might be appropriate for you and that can offer significant savings. If you no longer wish to receive communications from MyRxGuidance, you can opt out of the program.

What do I need to do to switch medications?

If a MyRxGuidance alternative drug is not the generic version of the drug you are already taking, then you will probably need a new prescription from your doctor. In some states, your pharmacist may legally substitute a therapeutically equivalent drug without changing your prescription. You may check with your pharmacy to see if that is an option for you. If you need a new prescription and you have had an office visit with your doctor in the last year, your doctor may write you a new prescription without requiring an office visit. MyRxGuidance also gives you an option to print, save or fax the information your doctor will likely need for writing you a new prescription.

What happens if I switch medications and then want to switch back?

You can switch back at any time by contacting your Physician and letting them know what you wish to do. Before doing this, you may want to use MyRxGuidance to see if there are additional low-cost drug alternatives that would be an option for you. MyRxGuidance sometimes identifies more than one alternative.

Does my Physician know about this recommendation?

MyRxGuidance communicates directly with you. If you want us to communicate this recommendation to your Physician, simply choose the “share” option and we will communicate with your Physician’s office. You will still need to contact them to have a new prescription written.

Does it cost me anything to use MyRxGuidance?

No. The cost for this service is paid by your employer, plan sponsor or insurance company.

Does MyRxGuidance have any effect on my insurance coverage?

No. MyRxGuidance has no negative effect on your insurance coverage. The purpose of MyRxGuidance is to help educate you on how you may be able to save on your prescription costs.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. MyRxGuidance stores all personal and prescription information in a redundant, HIPAA-compliant data center. Periodic security tests, assessments and audits are performed on all technology and processes related to securing and handling protected health information. Please refer to our Privacy and Security Policy for more details.